Holiday Giveaway Bonus Guidelines

Holiday Giveaway Bonus Guidelines

Giveaway Bonus Guidelines:

1. All bonus entries completed between December 10th and January 16th (when the Gleam app expires), will be the only entries counted. Example: If there is a bonus for commenting on a video, then you don’t get credit if the comment was before this giveaway started, so you would have to comment again, if that is the case.

2. I will be giving instructions for bonus entries randomly across ALL of my social media accounts. So make sure you’re following all of them for maximum entries. (Social media where bonus entries will be: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, and here on the blog). Here are all of the links for my social media:
YouTube main channel: CLICK HERE
YouTube vlog channel: CLICK HERE
Facebook: CLICK HERE
Instagram: CLICK HERE

Snapchat: snapcode-for-tambrei

3. You are required to keep up with your total number of bonus entries (the Gleam app keeps up with your entries on the app, but not the bonus entries that I’m doing on the social media accounts).

4. When the giveaway is over (January 16th, 2017), there will be a post on Facebook dedicated to posting your total number of entries. So make sure you are following my makeup page (not my personal page) on Facebook, and make sure that notifications are turned on so you don’t miss it.

I will give further instructions on that post on how and what to post to verify your total entries. Don’t worry, there will be a few days to post your total, and the deadline will posted on Facebook. In the event of a tie, I will post the rules for a tiebreaker at that time. There will only be two prizes for participation.

5. The winners will be the two people with the highest number of entries from the Gleam app, and bonus entries combined.

6. You can complete bonus entries at any time during the giveaway, unless there is a specific time limit given for that bonus entry. Please read all instructions for the bonus entries, or they will be invalid, and will not be counted toward your total.

7. Keep in mind that I will be travelling between December 21st and January 15th, off and on, so I may not be able to respond to questions during that time. All of the information is here, so make sure you read it.

8. Remember that YouTube likes to unsubscribe people randomly, so confirm that you are subscribed, and that your subscriptions are set to “public” or I won’t be able to verify that you are subscribed. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!